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Setting the industry standard once again.

Many consumers base where they buy groceries on the quality of the produce department. In this case, loose green beans can be a weak link. Green beans can be difficult to display and keep looking fresh. Green beans stay freshest when stored at 40°F. There are limited options of how loose green beans can be displayed, making promoting them somewhat difficult.

A relatively new choice that C&E Farms has provided is packaging green beans in a Shorely Fresh bag. C&E Farms has created a way to efficiently bag green beans making them more affordable to customers.
This packaging is meant to replace loose beans commonly sold in stores. The Shorely Fresh bag focuses on the customer who wants the convenience of a bag but with a fresher product that does not have a processed look or taste.

The Benefits of Using Shorely Fresh

  • Reduced Shrink allows for quicker product rotation that can be kept in cold storage or displayed as needed.
  • Increased Sales via the use of convenient, more attractive packaging.
  • Cleaner by significantly reducing spillage of green beans.
  • Safer by reducing the chance of cross-contamination from customer handling of loose green beans.
  • More Convenient as most families consume an average of 12 oz. of beans per meal, of which one bag can supply two meals worth of beans.
  • Consumer Savings from convenience without the added markup of added value bean products.