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Management and staff members of C&E Farms are committed to producing and marketing a safe product through both good agricultural and handling practices that focus on the principles of food safety and quality.

Every employee involved in production is trained on proper hygiene, handling of produce, safety, and awareness of potential food safety hazards.

Water quality, pest management, cold storage temperature and cleanliness of delivery trucks are just a few of the many key areas constantly monitored to be sure produce is safe.

All critical control points are monitored daily and information about them is recorded. This assures that we stay in compliance with the USDA Harmonized GAP+ standards. Every package is marked with a dedicated lot number, indicating the green bean harvest date, the location of the harvest, and the variety of the green bean. Mock-recalls are conducted each season to assure we can identify who the lot was sold to and maintain the safety of the customer.

C&E Farms has two external audits annually based on USDA HGAP+ standards. Both USDA audits and several internal audits are used as tools to assure we provide the safest food possible.